How to enjoy electric power whenever you need it. – the Solar power advantage


 Are you a property developer looking for a sustainable solution for introducing power to new homes? Do you want to give your properties the edge over the competition? The answer could be to install the latest technology into each home. A solar inverter in Nigeria, in each of your new homes, offers buyers many advantages.

The electrical supply problems that threaten Nigeria’s economy and future are well-rehearsed. Many are without power at all, others are completely reliant on unsafe, expensive and environmentally unfriendly power solutions, such as generators fuelled by costly petrol and diesel. Installing asolar inverter along with the panels and batteries that go with it will offer new homeowners the chance to become energy independent through renewable energy. Solar is totally scalable to accommodate each home’s size and electricity needs, so property developers have a range of options to choose from depending on budget and requirements. Buyers will be attracted by the prospect of environmentally friendly, low cost energy security. Ongoing operation is guaranteed for many years. The maintenance is minimal and inexpensive, much less than fuel transport and storage, part replacement and upkeep required for a petrol- or diesel-run generator. Nor need solar panels impair the look of the properties you are building. Panels are typically placed on the roof and positioned to capture the best of the direct sunlight during daytime hours, so they are not at all unsightly or intrusive. All in all, the attractions of installing solar systems by far outweigh the initial cost.


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